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For a limited time only, we’re offering a FREE Surflink Mobile with the purchase of a Wireless Hearing System.*

Enjoy hands-free phone calls with Surflink Mobile

SurfLink™ Mobile with JustTalk, the industry’s most unique and versatile cell phone solution, enables true hands-free cell phone conversations for wireless hearing aid wearers. It features an onboard remote microphone with the following additional functionality: assistive listening device, media streamer and hearing aid remote.

Once synced with a wireless hearing aid wearer’s cell phone, SurfLink Mobile can answer incoming calls, control volume on both the phone and hearing aids, and more. In fact, the phone never needs to leave the user’s pocket, as JustTalk turns their hearing aids into both microphone (picks up their voice and sends it to the person they’re talking to) and receiver (streams recipient’s voice directly to the their hearing aids).

Designed to improve hearing in the following settings:

  • Cell phone conversations
  • Business Meetings
  • Noisy Places like Restuarants
  • Television Viewing
  • Lecture Halls
  • Listening to Music

SurfLink Mobile offers the following benefits to wireless hearing aid wearers:

  • Allows for a hands-free experience. Utilizing JustTalk, there is no need for a body-worn relay device. The user doesn’t even need to be holding or talking into their cell phone or SurfLink Mobile. Instead, their wireless hearing aids can act as both microphone and receiver via two-way streaming.
  • Enhances one-on-one conversations because of its precise directional microphone to better isolate and pick up a companion’s voice in noisy environments.
  • Includes a powerful omnidirectional microphone designed to enhance listening in group settings and meetings.
  • Acts as an assistive listening device, transmitting the presenter’s voice directly to the wearer’s hearing aids.
  • Streams audio from TVs and music or radio programs directly to a user’s wireless hearing aids.

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